September 30, 2023
Best Forex Broker in Nigeria 2022 Explained

Best Forex Broker in Nigeria 2022 Explained

No. 1 best forex broker in Nigeria is a company that guarantees 100% trading profit for beginners and intermediates.
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Disclaimer: Note, The contents of this website are for personal research purposes only. They are not intended to be investment advice or a recommendation to buy or sell any security. You should consult with a financial professional before making any investment decisions.

This post is an exposition on the No. 1 Best Forex Broker in Nigeria in 2022.

What are the criteria that make a broker the best?

Three basic qualities that differentiate a broker from others, these qualities are regulations, client-friendly, and highly recommended market research and evaluations.

Do you need a broker that is regulated that educates clients and is trustworthy with your funds?

If yes, read to the last chapter of this post and make a wise choice today.

What is a Forex Broker & What Makes the Best Forex Broker in Nigeria?

Forex Brokers are financial services companies that provide trading platforms to buy and sell foreign currencies.

When you trade the forex market, you place buy orders or sell orders in currency pairs such as GBP/USD; buying GBP, and selling USD.

The forex market is open 24 hours a day and 5 days a week (weekdays).

Forex brokers enable individual traders to partake in market trades with a leveraging formula that allows for minimum account funding.

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The best forex broker in Nigeria must be a broker that gives the best for forex education, excellent educational materials, and innovative educational apps.  

The No. 1 Best Forex Broker in Nigeria 2022

I am about to introduce you to AMarkets.

AMarkets is a financial company that focuses on offering high-quality services and comprehensive support to its clients and partners.

 Their professional team is committed to finding innovative solutions and introducing new technologies so that AMarkets clients from all over the world could get the best trading conditions.

AMarkets experts take an active part in various industry conferences and events, where they discuss trends and prospects of financial markets.

There are many forex brokers in Nigeria but AMarkets is an exceptional broker that I can recommend for forex beginners and intermediates.

AMarkets Broker the No. 1 Best Forex Broker in Nigeria

Forex brokers in South Africa, forex brokers in India and Forex brokers in the USA, and many other forex brokers list also recommend AMarkets as a regulated company.

Looking for forex brokers with bonuses?

AMarkets has a bonus account that a beginner can trade with a minimum of $50 gift card and withdraw profit within a space of two weeks.

First, you will need to register and get your account verified with a recognized identity card.

As a Nigerian, a government identity card with proof a citizen of the country is acceptable.

You would need to change the flag icon on the website to a Nigeria flag so you can benefit from all the benefits accrued to Nigerians.

Are you happy AMarkets love Nigerians?

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Many brokers do not accept clients from Nigerians and this makes AMarkets exceptional and client-friendly with their efficient response team.

I recommend you join my group beginners’ class, register with AMarkets, and trade with the free daily signals and you’re welcome to the team of millionaires.

Account Types on the AMarkets Platform

They offer three basic types of accounts.

1. Fixed Account

2. Standard Account

3. ECN Account

The above three accounts are unique in their different forms.

As a registered and verified client, you have access to several other benefits like joining a telegram group where you receive free signals every day.

You will also receive daily news about currency and many other added advantages.

Are you looking for an opportunity to trade cryptocurrency?

AMarkets makes cryptocurrency trading easier with its unique trading platform.

Position Size Calculator

 On the AMarkets website, you will have access to lot size calculation or position size calculator as some do call it.

The lot size calculator will help forex beginners learn how to position their trades with their equity and risk management offers.

Many traders do not know how to calculate what lot size to use for trading even having been in the financial market trading for years.

The lot size calculator determines the margin used for each account type, the cost of pip, and the spread of the currency pairs available for trading on AMarkets.

Both MT4 and MT5 are used for trading. A client has the opportunity to choose whichever trading platform app that best suits him.

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Copy Trading Services for Clients

Would you like to protect your funds?

Would you like to take full control of your money?

AMarkets recommends copy trading for forex beginners.

How do you copy trades?

1. From logs of copy traders with ratings, select the best trader with the highest rating

2. Copy the trades of this trader with the highest rating

3. You earn the same % profit as this experienced trader without professional knowledge and trading skill.

Do all of these benefits stand well to you?

Daily Tutorials

AMarkets offer to learn on-the-job strategies.

Having opened a trading account and you started copy trading with one of the best traders from the website.

Then you can start daily tutorials from the website to enable you to learn exactly what you’re doing without even knowing it.

There are also basic video tutorials for you to learn really fast and quickly.


I hope with the highlighted benefits above, you would want to consider registering a trading account today.

Even without having a penny for registering I can gift you a gift card to start your forex journey today.

See you at the very top!

Disclaimer: Note, The contents of this website are for personal research purposes only. They are not intended to be investment advice or a recommendation to buy or sell any security. You should consult with a financial professional before making any investment decisions.