March 20, 2023
NFP Forex News Trading Simplified for Profit 2022

NFP Forex News Trading Simplified for Profit 2022

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NFP Forex news trading is the Non-Farm Payrolls monthly news.
News trading is becoming increasingly popular in the financial markets. News trading offers diverse opportunities and enables traders to make large profits in a short period of time.
The U.S. dollar is indispensable for most forex transactions, this makes it an important tool for the forex trader.
The United States dominates affairs in geopolitics, industry, global markets, and innovation.
The major economic and financial forces in the world are the United States as a country and the U.S. dollar as a currency.
News generally affects the volatility of the financial markets.

NFP Forex News – Non-Farm Payroll News.

There are many websites, apps, television programs, or online services that offer the latest and up-to-date information about currency pairs and the economic situation of these countries that have the currencies represented in the forex markets.
Many of these news channels are free and easily accessible services while few chose to make them paid channels.
Some paid channels offer more in-depth market structures, analogies, and forecasts that can help traders win over the market’s volatility during NFP Forex news.
Other news in the forex markets also plays a major role but NFP Forex news is unique because it is monthly news about happenings in the United States.
This forex trading news is about total changes in the employment rate, the economic calendar is used to prepare for this news release.

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What is the NFP Forex News?

The non-farm payroll (NFP) is an important economic tool for the United States economy.
This measures the addition of new jobs, it excludes farm employees, government employees, employees of non-profit firms, and private household employees.
The NFP news generally causes high volatility in the forex market mostly all currency pairs.
What time is the NFP news today? NFP data is usually released every first Friday of each month at about 14:30 Nigerian time (14:30 GMT+1).
This article will explain how to better trade NFP news and the roles played by NFP news in the forex market.

NFP Forex News; How NFP affects the Forex Market

The monthly release of the NFP Forex news data, this data shows the current economic situation of the country and this is a vital indicator to determine if the economy is booming or looming.
The Federal Reserve Bank uses this data as a tool because employment plays a major role in any economy in the world.
Low interest is a result of high unemployment rates
High-interest rates are a result of high employment rates.
The expansionary monetary policy always safeguards having an increasing economic output while increasing employment rates.
With a high increase in unemployment, the economy is thought to be below performance and calls for the need to be stimulated.
The interest rate is a factor that affects forex, the stimulatory monetary policy endeavors to lower the interest rate via reduction of the dollar demand to help boost the dollar market.
When market volatility increases, the spread also increases.
During Forex NFP data release, many traders are stopped too quickly than expected and this has made many never trade NFP news releases.

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Most Affected Currency Pairs by NFP News

Which pairs are affected by NFP? These currency pairs are:
others. Which NFP trade pair is best? All pairs react to the news differently including GOLD (metal).
Some other currency pairs are also seen to experience this high volatility, hence caution must be taken during this news release.

NFP Forex News Release Date and How to Trade it

The Forex NFP data news release is from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, released every first Friday of the month.
The data news release dates can be found online on the Bureau of Labor statistics’ website.
Waiting for a pullback is the best trading strategy to be employed when trading the NFP Forex news.
Spreads also increase during this high volatility, and traders with low equity are advised to stay away from trading during NFP data release.
NFP Forex news is best traded on a lower time frame like the 15-minute time frame.
Watch out for a few other currency pairs experiencing these high spreads and volatility during the NFP data news release.
Some other important news releases that cause high volatility include GDP growth, CPI news, FOMC news, and Fed Funds Rates.
To learn more about how to trade NFP news, read up on 7 Powerful skills in forex trading, 5 Best startling trailing stop loss, and day trading strategies in Nigeria 2022.


The NFP (Non-Farm Payrolls) Forex news is an economic indicator that measures the number of new jobs created in the US during the previous month, excluding farm employment. This figure is released on the first Friday of every month by the US Department of Labor and is usually watched closely by traders in the Forex market. The NFP report provides insight into the overall strength of the US economy and can have a significant impact on the US dollar, as well as the prices of other currencies. When the number of new jobs created is higher than expected, it is seen as a bullish sign for the US dollar, while a lower-than-expected number is seen as bearish. You read how to trade the Forex NFP news and the professional advice on trading NFP news for maximum profit.
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