March 20, 2023
5 Profitable Tweaks for Forex Trading Patience and Discipline

5 Profitable Tweaks for Forex Trading Patience and Discipline

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The title of this article could be “Forex Trading Patience and Discipline Book.”
When trading in the financial market, why do traders lose interest, patience, and discipline?
Patience is a timely approach to a simple trading plan for a large profit in forex trading education.
What is the importance of patience in forex trading?
In my last post, I mentioned the best time frame for swing trading forex which is the 4-hour.
To successfully trade the 4-hour candlesticks, you’ll need a lot of patience.
I’ll go over patience forex trading analysis in depth.

What is Patience in Forex Trading Patience and Discipline?

It is a piece of general knowledge to know that patience is indeed a virtue
Patience in forex trading refers to a trader’s ability to hold off on placing trade orders until a setup is confirmed to follow his trade mark up.
Due to several factors that will be discussed in this article, most traders rush into action by trading at an inappropriate trade markup.
It has been proven that losing patience causes more harm than good.

Patience is the final touch of a profitable trader!
The 5 profitable tweaks for forex trading patience and discipline are highlighted below:

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Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

Have you ever noticed a sharp increase or decrease in the price market and immediately wanted to jump in and place trade orders?
You were attempting to play smart at that point in the decision-making process by avoiding missing out on the juicy profit.
Economic news, such as the FOMC, interest rates, non-farm payrolls, or simply a market spike, could cause this sudden rise or fall in the price market.

FOMO Tweaks for Forex Trading Patience and Discipline

  1. You can choose to stay out of the market if the price market is not in line with your trade markup.
  2. Before placing a trade, wait for the price market to come within your mark-up.
  3. If you must trade a sharp rise or fall, use a small lot size and keep in mind that the maximum loss is 0.5 percent of your equity.

Revenge Trading a Lack of Forex Trading Patience and Discipline

After losing money in day trading, a trader may decide to overtrade in order to make up for his losses.
This frequently results in more losing trades.
Trying to avenge losses isn’t a good way to trade because it always results in more losses.
Losing trades erode confidence, prompting a trader to trade beyond his mark-up or capability, essentially gambling with trades rather than trading the market with caution.

Tweaks for Revenge Trading

  1. Get plenty of rest after a losing trade. You should not lose more than 5% of your trading account in a single trading day.
  2. You should gain a better understanding of how to enter and exit in a timely manner.
  3. You should only forward-test without trading for that day while watching the market run its course for the day.
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Lack of In-depth Knowledge of Forex Trading

Before opening a live trading account and beginning to trade live, many traders do not have a thorough understanding of the forex market.
You must have used a demo account to trade and increased your capital by at least three times.
Before a trader can conclude his confidence to start trading on a live account, he or she must have practiced and mastered everything that the financial market entails.
Forex trading does not allow for laziness or a refusal to learn because it advances on a daily basis.
You must be a smart and hardworking trader if you want to earn more and lose less.

Tweaks for Lack of In-depth Knowledge

  1. Continue your forex education. Always keep track of why you enter a trade, why you exit a trade, and what time of day you entered the trade.
  2. You must have a complete understanding of the candlestick and its pattern.
  3. When trading the forex market, key levels are critical.
  4. Trading news is a little different than trading when the price market isn’t dominated by the news.
  5. The use of technical indicators must be strictly mastered, or the use of indicators must be completely eliminated.
  6. Do not trade the forex market with a newly acquired skill that has yet to be backtested and forward tested.
    Did you just ask about how to know about forex trading?
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Gambling Game Strategy is not a Forex Trading Patience and Discipline Guide.

Some beginners are quick to count their eggs before they are hatch by calculating the assumed profit immediately after placing trades.
This usually hinders a trader from closing a profitable trade too early or holding on to losses than necessary.
No singular trade is 100% a guarantee to profit. Is patience needed in trading? YES!
A smart trader only increases his reward to risk ratio while placing high probability winning trades only.
With a good background knowledge of the candlestick formation, a trader can quickly exit a trade at break-even or with minimal loss.
While some trades are enjoyed to maximum profit with the use of trendlines and candlestick patterns.

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Tweaks for Gamblers in Forex Trading Patience and Discipline

  1. Forex trading is not for the faint of heart.
  2. Make sure every trade you make has a good risk-to-reward ratio.
  3. Be flexible with your open trades and never take a trade too seriously.
  4. Trades entered on lower time frames should be treated as short-term, while trades entered on higher time frames should be treated as medium-term or long-term.

Always use a functional system in Forex Trading Patience and Discipline Guide

A swing trader should only stick to whatever works perfectly for him
The same goes for a day trader
A scalper can not trade a setup that is meant for a swing trader
Such a trader (scalper) would rather lose his trading capital.
Knowing the time frame that works for each type of trader is essential for maximum profiting.


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