March 20, 2023
How does forex news impact forex trading?

How does forex news impact forex trading?

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Forex news has a direct impact on the forex market. When a major news event occurs, the prices of currencies can move rapidly, creating opportunities for traders to quickly take advantage of price fluctuations. As news events come out of the economic calendar, traders can decide to trade accordingly. For example, if a central bank announces a rate hike, traders may decide to buy or sell a currency pair in anticipation of the event. Similarly, traders can react to news of economic data releases, such as GDP figures, by taking positions on currency pairs. By keeping track of news events and their potential impact on the market, traders can gain an edge when trading currencies. Forex news shall be released every first Friday of each month. Market analysis in the forex market and our experts’ advice for the financial market shall be discussed.

Why is News Important in Forex?

The US dollar recently reached a closing level versus the Canadian dollar which was the highest since November 2020 and a new high for the year. Even while that is remarkable, the strength of the dollar this year has been extremely widespread. I’d even go so far as to claim that the Loonie has fared better than other, less fortunate major currencies like the British Pound, Euro, and Japanese Yen.
Why then does USD/CAD seem to be rocketing upwards all of a sudden? Crude oil might hold the key. According to my top trade opportunity for the third quarter, bearish WTI, I think that the threat posed by global monetary tightening to economic growth in all nations. Economists have been revising their projections for global growth downward.
WTI reacts strongly to these projections. Oil’s decline accelerated in June when the Federal Reserve announced a 75 basis point rate increase. Following the US inflation report from June, further drastic tightening is probably on the horizon. Since its peak in March, oil has lost almost 25% of its value, and it has already lost almost 9% of its value this quarter.
Here’s when USD/CAD enters the picture. Although it is not perfect, historically, the pair has a generally negative association with crude oil (see figure below). The leading oil player in Canada. As a result, the commodity’s price has a tendency to affect monetary policy as well as economic activity. I contend that high WTI is in part to blame for CAD’s increased resiliency this year.
That was serving as a buffer against the US’s relentless monetary tightening. This cushion may be eroding more quickly now that oil prices are falling. As a result, the US Dollar and the Loonie may need to catch up. Although the Bank of Canada recently shocked the markets by raising interest rates by 100 basis points, the haven-linked Greenback could yet prevail if sentiment continues to deteriorate.

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How does
How does forex news impact forex trading?

How the News Affects the Forex Market?

Forex news can have a significant impact on the forex market. News reports about economic indicators, political events, or other events can cause currency prices to move in one direction or another. As such, traders and investors must be aware of the news and be able to react quickly in order to capitalize on any developments that may affect the market. Additionally, analysts use news events to inform their forecasts and analysis of the market, and this information can be used to help inform trading decisions.

How Long Does News Affect Forex Market?

The effects of news events on the forex market can be short-lived or long-lasting, depending on the nature of the news and its impact on the currency pair. Generally, news events that have a significant impact on the exchange rate of a currency pair can affect the forex market for several days or even weeks.


This is a sample of the current news in the market with the current market analysis which is basically price action.