March 20, 2023
5 Powerful Swing Trading Strategies For Nigerians

5 Powerful Swing Trading Strategies For Nigerians

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Swing trading strategies are all-time strategies that can help a forex trader make the most money while still completing daily tasks. What is considered a swing trade?
Do you think about which strategy is best for swing trading?
Did you ask how profitable can swing trading be?
Can you get rich swing trading?
What is the best indicator for swing trading?
This article will teach you about swing trading basics and the writer is available to teach you advanced swing trading strategies for huge probability trading.
Can swing trading make you rich? What is a swing trader?
Yes, swing trading can make you a profitable trader when you learn and master the art and chart patterns for swing trading strategies.

Swing Trading Definition: Defining Swing Trading Strategies

What is swing trading or what’s a swing trade? A swing trading strategy is a trading strategy that aims to catch a market swing (or simply a “one move” seeking strategy).
The basic idea behind this strategy is to get out of your trade before the market is taken advantage of by the opposing pressure.
As a result, a thorough understanding of opposing traders is taken into account and, as a result, swing trading is considered. This has answered the question about what is considered a swing trade.

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Advantages of Swing Trading Strategies

The bare minimum of time is spent analyzing and remaining in the market.
This strategy is most effective for traders who work other jobs in addition to forex trading.
In comparison to some other trading strategies, such as scalping, it is a less stressful trading strategy.

Swing Trading Disadvantages

The only disadvantage of swing trading is that it can last longer than a day, and trading overnight can skew the market’s direction.

Swing Trading Techniques

As a trader, you must place a buy order when the market is in a support zone and place a sell order when the market is in a resistance zone in swing trading strategies.
This is to inform you about key levels, such as support and resistance, which are important levels to be aware of when swing trading.
The support zone, as I explained in my previous post, is a chart area with potential buying pressure.
The resistance area on the chart is an area with potential selling pressure.
“Long support and short resistance” is a simple description of this strategy.

Indicators for Swing Trading Strategies

The moving average is a very good indicator for swing trading.
The forex market typically moves in a zigzag pattern, with up-and-down movement rather than a straight line up or down.
When the price market is in an uptrend, it moves up, pulls back into a value area, and then moves higher again.
A retracement move is a type of pullback.
Before continuing in its trend, the price market usually retraces towards the Moving Average.
As a result, the Moving Average is an excellent indicator for determining both entry and exit points.

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Moving Average Techniques

In a strong trending market, the price market pulls back towards the 20MA
In a stable trending market, the price market pulls back towards the 50MA
In an unstable trending market, the price market pulls back towards the 100MA or 200MA.
As a result, once the price market pulls back towards these MA positions, perfect entry positions can be taken.


Aside from moving average techniques, trendline trading is another strategy that can be used to swing trade.
Upward Trend Line: An upward-sloping line that indicates buying pressure.
Downward Trend Line: A downward sloping line that indicates selling pressure.
Buying and selling orders can be placed if the price market moves closer to the trendline. You can also wait for signs of reversals to show before placing trades.

Entries and Exits For Swing Trading Strategies

What is a swing trade? As a swing trader, you can profit from false breakouts.
Breakout (fake out forex) traders are frequently caught in orders, but as a swing trader, you would have mastered the art of getting into the market early and selling at the highs.
Before opposing pressure enters the market, exits are made. My best time frame for swing trading is 4-hour.

Candlestick Chart Patterns for Swing Trading Strategies

Out of the 35 powerful candlestick patterns only two candlestick patterns will be discussed for swing trading strategies in this article.

  1. Hammer candlestick pattern – Or Bullish engulfing candlestick pattern
    The bullish engulfing pattern is a two-candlestick pattern, whereas the hammer pattern is a one-candlestick pattern that shows market buying pressure.
    This pattern indicates that buyers are in control of the market at the moment.
    As a swing trader, you can use this candlestick pattern to capture this one move.
  2. Shooting star – Or bearish engulfing candlestick pattern
    The bearish engulfing pattern is a two-candlestick pattern, whereas the shooting star pattern is a one-candlestick pattern that indicates market selling pressure.
    Swing traders use this candlestick pattern to make the most money by capturing only one buy or sell order movement.
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Day Trading Vs. Swing Trading

Swing trading differs from day trading in that a day trader focuses solely on buying and selling orders with the goal of closing the trade on a single day. What is a swing trader? A swing trader looks to open trading positions using the daily chart and uses the 1-hour time frame to decide entry, stop loss and targeted position.
A swing trader, on the other hand, may be able to profit from an open position for two or more days with swing trades.
A swing trader’s trade duration is determined by the time frame in which the trade is spotted to enable swing trades.


Swing trading strategies, when learned and mastered correctly, can be a high-probability trading strategy for both beginners and intermediates. I have answered your question about what is swing trading?
For early entry and exit, this strategy employs support and resistance, moving averages, trendlines, and candlestick chart patterns. I would like to ask readers: what is a swing trade in options and what is a swing trade in stocks?
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